Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Volfoniq - Revisited

Volfoniq - Revisited 

label: LibreCommeLair 
released: november 2012 
style: electronic dub world dubstep reggae
format: 320kbps mp3 

"One year after releasing his album "Ernest", Volfoniq asked some of his friends, all long time collaborators of the LCL family, to rework some of his tunes. Ernest traveled again around the world to share with the talented likes of : Buguinha dub (Brazil), Caballo (Canada), Lata (Chile), mildtape (Italy), Jambassa (Italy), Tony dubshot (Netherlands), Ras Amerlock (USA), Arrogalla (Sardinia), DU3normal (Hungary) and Lowknee (Greece). 

01. Autobahn [Amigos adubados - Buguinha dub remix ] 05:34 
02. Magnesium [Dubshot redubb - Tony dubshot remix] 04:23 
03. Hypnos [mildtape Remix] 05:34 
04. Hypnos [Lata Remix] 05:07 
05. Balkan banghra [Caballo remix] 05:03 
06. LibreCommeLair [LibreIntoTheAir - Jambassa remix] 04:34
07. Memori [DU3normal remix] 04:09 
08. Memori [Reminder dub - Lowknee remix] 06:04 
09. Magnesium [Ovni dub - Ras Amerlock remix] 04:27 
10. Memori [Amentu Segretu - Arrogalla remix feat Andrea Congia] 03:19 

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