Monday, October 31, 2011

Kisszanto - Slowjazz EP

Kisszanto - Slowjazz EP

label: Dusted Wax Kingdom
released: October 26, 2011
style: acid jazz downtempo triphop chill beats
format: 320kbps mp3

Second release for Dusted Wax Kingdom from the Hungarian DJ and electronic music producer Kisszanto. "Slowjazz" EP contains 6 lovely downtempo/acid jazz tracks skilfully produced with a dose of flawless chilled and sexy vibes.

01. How I Do That EP Intro
02. Space War In The Future, Bassist Is Still Playing In The Background
03. Step Back On Drums
04. This Is The Left-Jazz. Am I Right
05. Creating Mental Atmosphere
06. Is How I Done This

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  1. This truly is awful "music". However, we should always try to find a positive or learn a lesson and here is what I take away. Parents: Please do not praise your kids for every silly thing they do and tell them how unique and creative they are when, they are in fact, not. Push, encourage to do better, teach, instruct, etc and when it's time, be realistic. This is an album made by people who's parents should have encouraged them to get real jobs.