Monday, October 3, 2011

The Bins - Every Minute of the Day

The Bins - Every Minute of the Day

label: 1320 Records
released: 30 May 2011
style: hiphop triphop soul beats electronic
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,...

From rocks to all-things dinosaur, Clark Barclay (aka Fat Clark) was a kid obsessed with collecting and today his grown-up fixation lives in the discount-vinyl bin. “Right now I have so much vinyl I can’t even step into my own room. I think it’s becoming a problem,” Fat Clark admits, but a quick play of his debut EP, “Every Minute of the Day”, under the very appropriate moniker, The Bins, completely defends his hoarding tendencies.
This record-lover will dig anywhere for a good clip, rummaging through thrift stores and free piles, but his most memorable excavations have been at fleas and street fairs in Spain, Chile, Mexico and Thailand. Home videos, films, random records and even field recordings taken by ethnomusicologists find their way into Fat Clark’s loving arms, giving once homeless and discarded sounds a second life. One person’s garbage is only a spin away from becoming Clark’s newest adoption.

1. Dear Jane, (feat. Bobby Blunt & Danny!) 03:49
2. Ode to LA (feat. Dizzy Dustin & Bobby Blunt) 03:54
3. See the Sky 01:46
4. Tell the Whole Wide World (feat. Hannah Moriah) 05:01
5. Don't Go! 03:54
6. What Now? 01:18

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