Sunday, October 9, 2011

DJ Racy A.J - Core Abstractions - The Third Concept (Mixes) LP

DJ Racy A.J - Core Abstractions - The Third Concept (Mixes) LP

label: Dusted Wax Kingdom
released: October 4, 2011
style: triphop abstract hiphop beats turntablism
format: 320kbps mp3

From the forgotten underground outskirts of Kiev here comes the third album by DJ Racy A.J. Dark melancholic soundscapes, rough moods and trippy beats fill up "Core Abstractions - The Third Concept (Mixes)" from beginning to end. Another masterpiece from the Ukrainian beatmaster!

01 DJ Racy A.J - Injection
02 DJ Racy A.J & Violent Public Disorderaz - E.V.P. (Extremity Mix)
03 DJ Racy A.J & Feigin - Running From Yakuza (Zenkoji Temple Mix)
04 DJ Racy A.J & IoNiZeR - The Human Infestation (Amorphous Mix)
05 DJ Racy A.J - Regarder La Mort En Face
06 DJ Racy A.J & Mr. Moods - Burst Into Flames (Thoughtful Act Mix)
07 DJ Racy A.J & Richard Stagg - Hi Fu Mi No Hachi Gaeshi ...
08 DJ Racy A.J & Upon Play - Black Reactor (Eruption Mix)
09 DJ Racy A.J, Hiroshi Sakamoto & IoNiZeR - Convlescets (Violent Mix)
10 Dday One - If Eyes Were Ears (DJ Racy A.J Remix)
11 Emperor's New Clothes - Darklight (DJ Racy A.J Contemplation Remix)
12 DJ Racy A.J - Kinetics

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