Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recue - Leftover Love

Recue - Leftover Love (extended edition)

label: Audiobaum
released: 05 March 2010
style: electronic idm dubstep downtempo
format: 192kbps mp3

Leftover Love is the third album from Helsinki based electronic music producer Recue after his successful releases on Rednetic and netlabel One. It is a collection of tracks he has made throughout the years under his alias. The common element of the tracks is that they were not originally made for one specific release. They are live tracks, sound design experiments, Sunday afternoon jams and the forgotten gems in the hard drive of his studio. The fact that all of the tracks are made for a different purpose, at a different time, even years apart, makes the release truly an interesting listen. It forms a logical journey through Recues production with his distinct style binding the pieces together as a whole.

01. Leftover Love 05:05
02. Weevil 04:23
03. Deuxentun 05:08
04. Sensime 04:59
05. Revisited 06:49
06. Tissit2368 04:29
07. Punpuli 04:16
08. Mistypd 04:02
09. Kasvoton2 05:33
10. Negbin(s) 05:30
11. Gimli Glider 05:02
12. Morning Dew feat. Jolea 05:39

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