Saturday, June 4, 2011

Anitek - Unconscious

Anitek - Unconscious

label: self-released
released: May 19, 2011
style: triphop instrumental downtempo jazzy hiphop beats
format: 192kbps mp3

What a unique concept album. . dealing with all of our unconscious, or sleeping behaviors through music. The jazzy undertone that is used in these compositions are such a poetic style that it lends itself well to such an original idea . . . yet these tracks explore through so many genres . . . such as triphop, chillout and more . .. excellent choices as they give an almost physical reaction which mimics what the unconscious produces in our nervous system . . .
And the music is such high quality that the listener could let it play and enjoy the soothing and enjoyable sounds emanating from their speakers . . . trying to pick a favorite I settled on "Thermoregulation" with its smooth, cooled lounge-like atmosphere . . .
Very nice, over-all . . . This is Anitek!!!


1 Circadian 5:41
2 Entrain 4:42
3 Bruxism 3:12
4 Apnea 5:12
5 Hypnic Jerk 4:40
6 Thermoregulation 4:26
7 Advance 4:40
8 Zeitgebers 5:03
9 Hypersomnia 7:01

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