Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hip Nothings - Zeroparty

Hip Nothings - Zeroparty

label: test tube
released: December 2010
style: electronic lounge indie
format: 256kbps mp3

Back in 2008, englishman Tom Carter paired up with north-american Blake Rhein and wrote half a dozen songs that were to be Hip Nothings's first and ever release, 'Zeroparty'. Finally, almost three years later, here it is: A collection of six songs heavilly based on nineties' sounding Korg keyboards and other vintage synths, and of course relying on Carter's excellent singing capabilities.
'Zeroparty' is a bit of a nostalgia inducing release. It reminds me of a lot of stuff that was coming out ok UK in the late 80's/early 90's.

01 Circles 3'48''
02 Between the Lines 4'00''
03 Over to You 7'13''
04 Harmony 6'46''
05 California 5'08''
06 April 7'55''

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