Tuesday, June 7, 2011

F.T.G - FairyTales & Ghosts

F.T.G - FairyTales & Ghosts

label: Digital Pit
released: 2011-04-23
style: electronic classical
format: 320kbps mp3

F.T.G is a musical project centered on a composer and multi-instrumentalist musician, mixing electronic sounds and orchestral arrangements.
Music by F.T.G, whose influences are very diverse (eg include Clint Mansell, Danny Elfman, The Kronos Quartet, or Massive Attack), is constructed as a series of small movie soundtracks.
The Ghosts & Fairytales album fits perfectly in this spirit and the duality between saturated electro sounds and orchestrations classic is highlighted by the song "The Deadly Nightshade" which opens and closes the album by giving two very different readings of the same instrumental motive.

1.The Deadly Nightshade - overture (4:08)
2.Delusions (4:08)
3.Sleepy Solanum (2:51)
4.Vile & Filth (3:22)
5.Snowdrop (3:23)
6.The Deadly Nightshade - ending (4:27)

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