Saturday, April 16, 2011

Strobotone - Flashback Forward

Strobotone - Flashback Forward

label: iD.EOLOGY
released: April 2011
style: electropop downbeat funkyelectronic
format: 320kbps mp3

Yesterday's future is tomorrow's past. What used to appear as being vanguard, might be a classic tomorrow. And what used to seem like being well-known and long left behind might vice versa grow into something completely new, fresh and futuristic through smart contextualisation. So obviously, one might just as well view past and future as one consistent space of reminiscence with its very own creative possibilities.
The pool of ideas which Strobotone draws from for his debut-album on iD.EOLOGY is filled to the brim with elements of yesterday and the day before as well as concepts from tomorrow and the day after. Skilfully, he combines the stylish electronic dance-sound of the year 2025 with bits and pieces from funk, disco, electric boogie, synth pop, house, salsa, electronica, downbeat and ambient. To Strobotone, genres and their conventions are mere points of reference - memory-triggers that catapult the listener into the 70s here and into the 80s there, make him recall flashes of moments from the 90s and the 00 years, just to beam him back to the future at warp-speed in the next instant. In his crispy-clean and detailed tracks all these influences and references amalgamate into perfect pop that easily exceeds a top-heavy, eclectic experiment with styles and that simply is really damn good fun.
So while the interplay of future and past is really exciting, the present also does have some good sides to it. To Strobotone it is the outlook from which he may keep an eye on both of the other times. And to you it is the exhilarating opportunity to let this inspiring album add a wee bit of colour to your everyday life.

01. Ultimate
02. Kites
03. Fission Precision
04. Good Dressed
05. Paperworks
06. Artificial Excellence
07. Concise - Insensate (Remixed by Strobotone)
08. Theoretical Romance
09. Terraform
10. Venusian Clouds

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