Sunday, April 10, 2011

djtzinas - my station

djtzinas - my station

label: self-released via bandcamp
released: 01 September 2010
style: funk hiphop tropical jazz beats mashup
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

TZINAS KONSTANTINOS aka djtzinas was born in 1981 in Heraklion of Crete, where he took his first musical steps. He is best known for his live shows as a dj (and finally as a producer) in Heraklion and Athens, followed by funk/ jazz/ hip hop and tropical sounds. His debut was at the age of 18th, when he took part in several hip hop lives as an m.c. with his band called “Face 2 Face”. In 2000 the cd single “Panikos” was released by “Warehouse records” and a year after that, he decided to quit the band and enter into different musical genres. In 2005, he founded the "Portpaguzz" project, based on the idea of reediting classic beloved tracks into pop/ rock versions. In 2007, Sony/BMG and “The Movement Session” crew gave him the opportunity to release the remixed track “ti hazo paidi” first released by K. Vita. In 2010, he is back where he started, focused on every sound that is close to funk/ hip hop and reggae vibes and finally his first solo 7” vinyl, which includes two latin/ funky beats, is released by “Resense records”.

1. Mista galactica 04:12
2. funk jesus 05:34
3. just wanna dancehall 03:57
4. the stopper love 03:29
5. will you marry me? 03:24
6. televes dat. 04:50
7. are your friends 01:04
8. i hate people like me (2011) 03:46
9. Blend aka Mishkin ft Elephant Phinix - Press Forward (djtzinas/jazzy flirt) 03:16

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