Saturday, April 16, 2011

Byron the Aquarius & Onra – The Big Payback

Byron the Aquarius & Onra – The Big Payback

label: self-released
released: 2007
style: hiphop instrumental beats electronic
format: vbr mp3

This is by far one of the dopest projects Ive wrapped my ears around and yes I’m biased because my man Byron is from Birmingham, Alabama! I was checking out Onra’s twitter page and he recounts the project, saying it was ”made during 05/06 ft Isis from thunderheist, peter hadar, dal-gren and neco redd. Byron the Aquarius on the synths, me on the beats.”
"We never made any money out of this shit, so might as well give it for free now." Byron & Onra

01. It´s You (Intro) 04:32
02. Dance With Me 04:59
03. The Return 04:19
04. Sleeping Pills feat. Peter Hadar 04:08
05. Word Up 03:38
06. Blue Berry Weed feat. Isis 03:21
07. Mr Suave 04:55
08. Love feat. Neco Redd 04:01
09. Carribean Vibes feat. Julien Marc 03:04
10. Blush feat. Isis 02:52
11. Cosmic Take Off 04:00
12. Words From The Wise (Outro) 01:59
13. The World feat. Dal Gren (Bonus Track) 03:45

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