Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drydeck - Haters Gonna Hate

Drydeck - Haters Gonna Hate

label: Original Dub Gathering
released: 21 april 2011
style: dubstep
format: 192kbps mp3

Drydeck is born on 2005, this electro and instrumental band is one of the most famous on Odgprod. After various physical and digital albums offering a musical style definitely dark and massive, the crew is back with a 6 tracks Ep on Original Dub Gathering. Always as powerful and dark, however DDK unfolds in an entirely different face.
We knew the EPs as Dub Chamber (2006) or DDK meets GDO (2009) drawing their inspiration directly from the French dub, we could be faced with the meeting between Dub and Dubstep on Opus as DDK vs. GDO (2010) or Heavy dub and massive s # t (2010), but we could not predict that new turn. Grime, wobbles and basslines are the watchwords; Haters gonna hate is shouted as a warning, you have been warned.

01 Visionaries 04:54
02 High or low 04:17
03 Before the outburst feat Marion Curtaud 04:48
04 Vandalism 04:52
05 Ready to wobble 04:13
06 Porn Supastar 05:32

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