Friday, June 21, 2013

The Scribes - The Sky Is Falling

The Scribes - The Sky Is Falling 

label: Kamikazi Airlines Records
released: 01 September 2007 
style: alternative hiphop rap beats 
format: 320kbps mp3 

Yep the dope UK based crew ‘The Scribes‘ recently teamed up with US label ‘Kamikazi’ to deliver their latest sound ‘The Sky Is Falling’. We copped a free copy last week and we’re instantly hooked when we heard the eery opening track ‘Alright’. It’s an album packed full of great beats and rhymes, we think you should check out ‘Home Comforts’, ‘P45′, ‘The Median Effect’ and ‘Rain Dance’ is a great track to end of the experience. 

01. Alright 03:16 
02. Pied Piper 03:48 
03. Free Fall 03:41 
04. Home Comforts 04:08 
05. Terms of Acceptance 03:45 
06. Fusion 04:08 
07. Two Minutes Hate feat MC Lars 04:21 
08. P45 04:10 
09. Overboard 03:01 
10. Jet Pack 04:20 
11. Self Destruct Mechanism 02:59 
12. The Median Effect 04:01 
13. Saviour Excuses 04:25 
14. Rain Dance 03:33 

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