Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pheo - California Sex

Pheo - California Sex 

released: July 2012 
style: future hiphop soul bass rap
format: 320kbps mp3 

Rapping for 10 years now Moreno Valley native, Pheo has his own style and swag down pat. Part of that is his mantra/ label/religion Avocado Everything meaning black on the outside (Skin) and Green on the inside (Money). For his latest he's teamed up with DJA (producer of "Two Shots" "Wobble") for California Sex an ode to ladies from Cali and the world. The rest of the EP is a taste of the smoked out beats and words this futuristic 25 year old has to offer to the world. 

1. Drop (Prod. SX) 03.44 
2. California Sex (Prod. Derek 'DJA' Allen) 04.13 
3. This All Been Vintage (Prod. Mo Ellah) 04.14 
4. Angelina's Beamer feat. Cashius Green (Prod. Chemist) 03.30 
5. How Eye (Prod. AFTA 1) 04.54 

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