Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paul White / The Room Below - The Room Below Versions

Paul White / The Room Below - The Room Below Versions 

label: self-release
released: 21 July 2012
style: hiphop rap electronic instrumental beats
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

Here is a very unusual project: an album of electronic covers of a recent hip hop album: Paul White's "Rapping With Paul White". Henry Keen aka The Room Below took inspiration from the original songs, replaying everything on drum machines and synths, and writing interludes of his own to give the record a unique flavour: a heavy analogue electronics rap record with not a sample in sight. The Room Below gives you the chance to hear the likes of Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman, Jehst and Guilty Simpson in a whole new light: just check the electric funk of “A Weird Day” or the way Henry Keen recreates the squalling guitar on “Rotten Apples” ft Tranqill with a synthesiser.

01. The Room Below Intro 00:53
02. Acid Raindrops 03:24
03. Trust ft Guilty Simpson (The Room Below Version) 03:29
04. Run Shit ft Marv One (The Room Below Version) 03:36
05. One Of Life's Pleasures ft Danny Brown (The Room Below Version) 02:58
06. Breathe! 01:57
07. Let's Create! 03:21
08. Stampeding Elephants ft Moe Pope (The Room Below Version) 03:18
09. Rotten Apples ft Tranqill (The Room Below Version) 02:36
10. My Moog Just Broke! 02:31
11. A Weird Day ft Homeboy Sandman (The Room Below Version) 03:23
12. Protoplasm 02:13
13. Dirty Slang ft Guilty Simpson (The Room Below Version) 03:01
14. Sci Fi Interlude 00:48
15. Fuckin' Around With A Vocoder 02:58
16. Wily Walruses ft Nancy Elizabeth (The Room Below Version) 02:04
17. The Room Below Outro 00:22

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