Wednesday, January 12, 2011

UrbanWorld Holiday Gifts

UrbanWorld Holiday Gifts

label: UrbanWorld Records
released: Dec 24, 2010
style: world cumbia jazz dub swing bailefunk electronic
format: 128kbps mp3

Free 10 tracks from UrbanWorld Records ready for you. UrbanWorld is label with focus on a mixture of genres within world music, funk, folk, jazz and dub combined with electronic music and club vibes. Please grab a couple or the full packaged and enjoy it.

01 Mo Fire - Baile Do Mau Mau(Vocal)
02 Unkle Ho - Lime Juice
03 Analogik & [Dunkelbunt] feat Morgenlandstricher - Gypsie Doodle(Radio Edit)
04 Al Lindrum and His Magic Hat - Hide & Seek
05 Savages y Suefo - Sweet Relish(Radio Edit)
06 Copia Doble Systema - Cumbia Colegiala(Mezcla Radyo)
07 BxP Soundsistema - Balkan Train ft Princess Juliana & Foulane(Original)
08 BxP Soundsistema - Lord of The Hansarings ft MC Killo Killo & Dimi Pingios(Al Lindrum's
Booty Bounce Remix)

09 Oriol Vandela - Music Man (Original Mix)
10 LoveAvalanche feat MC BenJammin - Less Corruption (Dub Mix)

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for the original download click on the single track

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