Wednesday, January 12, 2011

J. Baracuz - Lasergun Romances

J. Baracuz - Lasergun Romances

label: Evilmama Records
released: 11 December 2006
style: electronic instrumental hiphop beats
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

Lasergun Romances is the first full-length album of the Berlin-based producer J.Baracuz. Merging futuristic sounds with dusty grooves and breaks, it immediately captivates the listener with its distinctive and unique style.
Eleven mostly instrumental tracks are peppered with crackling samples, filthy synths and boisterous MPC-soaked drums and create an overall dirty, urban atmosphere. The result is more than just another instrumental hip-hop record for sampling heads or vinyl junkies. It´s the perfect soundtrack for the concrete jungle: raw, coarse and melancholic.

1. Introducing This 02:39
2. Lasergun Romances 03:17
3. 10 Reasons Left 03:09
4. Michele Track 04:20
5. Silenced 04:03
6. One & A Half Dissonant Relationships 04:157. Yellow Cab 02:51
8. A Taste Of Tomorrow 03:49
9. Come With Me (Feat. Maxim) 03:55
10. February Chilling Spree 03:43
11. Another Urban Dreamer´s Hug 04:24
12. Playgirls And Gameboys (2010 Rework) 03:34

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