Sunday, January 16, 2011

mildtape - Dub alpina

mildtape - Dub alpina

label: LCL (LibreCommeLair)
released: January 2011
style: dub electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

The idea of mildtape comes from the melting of two different brains. One phantom powered and one phase inverted. A work of fine tuning and biasing gives track (at 15ips) to the musician, producer, engineer and beatmaker to be alternatively one or all. The flexibility of moving horizontally towards production stages allows the ability to disassemble and reassemble mildtape in new configurations: a scattered cluster or a single microchip.
From over Alps comes this fully synthetic dub release, with minimalistic and hypnotic accents.

01. Extent of the Foot
02. Slowsteppers
03. Blankets Dissolve
04. Smash
05. Layer One

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