Monday, November 8, 2010

Mastermind XS - One dub many roots

yop yop respect MXS!!! Sunny Day!!!

Mastermind XS - One dub many roots

label: LibreCommeLair (LCL)
released: october 2010
style: dub electronic reggae
format: 320kbps mp3

" Two old friends (Mastermind XS) who went thru several bands and musical styles, an encounter, it's once again a unique story that we present to you packed in a 5 tracks instrumental dub EP that will let the sun shine in your mind during these cold winter monthes...
This ep "One dub many roots" is our first release. It contains 5 instrumental versions of dub songs, it sounds like we mastered them by ourselves..."

1. Memories of a machine
2. Business of panic (instrumental)
3. Sunny day (instrumental)
4. Not free but not afraid (instrumental)
5. Stop that mission (instrumental)

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