Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dr Freebs - The Freebie Treat

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Dr Freebs - The Freebie Treat

label: iD.EOLOGY
released: 25.11.2010
style: drum´n´bass funk bigbeat acidjazz house lounge hiphop
format: 320kbps mp3

There's quite a variety of doctors out there. One is spinning public opinion, the other has spent six years in Evil Medical School and yet another one has even been travelling through time. But in all the variety of doctors there's also one who actually is a doctor of variety.
With their first album on iD.EOLOGY the loose collective of consummate musicians proves impressively that they've earned their academic degree "summa cum laude". When musicality and band-attitude meet slick production-skills, then electronic beats, smart sequencer-lines, soulful vocals and timeless piano-, guitar- and brass-riffs flow into one another almost naturally, without any pretentious, eclecticistic sampling-hullabaloo being required. Allowing a loving appreciation for the abundance of musical forms of expression to join in, the emerging songs and tracks just as naturally make the boundaries between genres as diverse as lounge, acid jazz, bigbeat, drum'n'bass, electronica, house and hip-hop dissolve into sheer bliss. Since they also honour their roots, Dr Freebs of course haven't forgotten to include acknowledgements to funk for providing the umbrella under which all of this has been made possible.
So if you feel like you need to pep up your minds and bodies, instead of a treatment by your average doctor, why not try this LP? After all, besides being a real treat it's also completely free of charge. Free as Freebs.

01. Missing You
02. Funkbuster
03. Luce
04. MASS
05. Beautiful
06. The Love Lounge
07. Let it shine
08. Bluetek
09. Take cover
10. Changed Game
11. Citylights

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