Monday, November 8, 2010

Alleyes Manifest - In Over Easy

Alleyes Manifest - In Over Easy

label: on Bandcamp
released: 21 March 2010
style: hiphop jazzy beats

Alleyes has been a member of 932 for 8 strong years and is often referred to as a nomad for his frequent switching of signature poetic abstract writings, as well as where he rests his head. His passion has always been a deep appreciation for the sonic beauty and often bitter-sweetness that we dub "music" and has faced considerable odds(starvation, homelessness, etc..) to consistently create his art. Alleyes looks at such things as nothing more than mere tests of life to prepare and teach for what lies ahead. And the horizon looks beautifully abstract and confident...............

1. Yield 04:44
2. Dial Tone 03:05
3. Monday 03:22
4. Fast Hands 03:19
5. In Over Easy 02:31

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