Friday, July 23, 2010

Pitch Boys - Son of a Pitch

Pitch Boys - Son of a Pitch

label: test tube
released: 2007-11-12
style: downtempo, chillout, broken beat, idm

«Yeah, I was missing my good friend Nuno Meneses already. For our 100th release we are offering you 'Son of a Pitch', an album that was long overdue. It was to be released more than couple of years ago in Vinyl/CD format through our sister label, but some unexpected turns came down the road and it was kept in a drawer until some months ago. Well, here it is now just in time to commemorate our first one hundred releases.
Unlike the previous Pitch Boys releases , 'Son of a Pitch' covers different ground in terms of aesthetics. Taking as an approach the typical song format, Nuno grabs some basics of chill-out genre and mixes them with world music references, ambient, broken beat and some lounge to create stylish music drones which are perfect with some smoking of the flora portrayed in both artwork covers. Some personal favorites: 'Creamynal', 'Plonaise', 'Son of a Pitch' and 'Marijuan'. Thank you Nuno, for another great selection of chillout tunes.
Some of you might be asking why we didn't do the costumary 100th release compilation special, well... about an year ago I actually thought about it, doing some special stuff like a collaboration between a wide bunch of test tube artists. I started to line up some ideas and concepts, but sometimes is hard to manage the time needed for this to work out and suddendly it was too late to bring forward a complex idea like the one I was working on... lots of contacts to do, take into account the available time for each artist to complete the work, etc., etc. I had to abort the idea and pospone it to a future occasion, and do it right. And then the opportunity to release 'Son of a Pitch' came around and I didn't even think twice. Hope you all enjoy it. Roll up a king size for me!» - Pedro Leitão

01 • Borealis 3'47''
02 • Creamynal 4'24''
03 • Noir is the color 3'19''
04 • Plonaise 2'08''
05 • Son of a Pitch 3'24''
06 • Tropicanna 3'74''
07 • Elbow 5'30''
08 • Eerie 3'02''
09 • Opus 22 2'18''
10 • Marijuan 3'36''
11 • Tronic 5'03''
12 • Rising Space 4'22''
13 • Opus 36 3'22''
14 • Airborn 2'43''

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