Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Digi G'Alessio - L'Attentato Ai Mondiali

Digi G'Alessio - L'Attentato Ai Mondiali

label: Signora Franca Records
released: april 2010
style: dub, dubstep, electronic, beats
format: 320kbps mp3

Welcome to the parallel world of Digi G'alessio. In this world (or film?) the upcoming football (soccer) world cup has already taken place and, yes....., terrorists had planned an attack. These turkish (?) terrorists got it all set and you'll just have to get to the last (13th!) track to know how it all ends...

1.The Istanbul Clan (la partenza) 01:49
2.The Istanbul Clan (Wave Ya Mitrahs In Da Air) 03:13
3.Camuffarsi E Mantenere La Calma (Al Pianobar) 01:57
4.Non Guardarlo Negli Occhi 00:50
5.Preparativi Per L'Autobomba 02:22
6.A Pranzo Dal Nemico 02:10
7.Intercettati 01:54
8.Il Nascondiglio 01:20
9.La Nuova Macchina Del Boss 03:38
10.L'Ultimo Giorno Allo Stadio 01:05
11.The Instanbul Clan (L'Invasione Delle Spie Russe) 02:00
12.Appuntamento Al Club 02:36
13.L'Attentato Fallisce 02:16

download link

<a href="http://overknights.bandcamp.com/album/lattentato-ai-mondiali">The Istanbul Clan (la partenza) by Overknights</a>

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