Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mosaic Mosaic - While We Sleep

I like On Return :)

Mosaic Mosaic - While We Sleep

label: Bump Foot
released: 2010.6.27
style: idm, ambient, relax

Mosaic Mosaic is the first artist from Australia to Bump Foot. Floating IDM, electronic folk, glitch, electro pop, field-recording and noise... all of them will make us relax and feel easy. Happiest Lion (U.S.) and Vlantis (Japan) supported this EP. Some tunes remind me of Julien Mier.

1. While We Sleep (3:05)
2. Float, Little Balloon (with Happiest Lion) (4:11)
3. 11:11 (1:50)
4. Brand New (2:13)
5. On Return (with Vlantis) (3:30)
6. Welcome Home (4:47)

download link

<a href="">While We Sleep by Mosaic Mosaic</a>

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