Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Merc Yes - A Loaf Of Beatz EP

Merc Yes - A Loaf Of Beatz EP 

label: Internet and Weed 
released: November 2, 2016 
style: bass bailefunk electronic 
format: 320kbps, wav 

Merc Yes of Harlem, NYC, brings dense, gritty booty rhythms and shiny, melodic sweetness with his debut EP. Playful and bouncy meet gritty and heavy on Internet and Weed Recording’s third release. It might be what you’d hear in a back alley club a few blocks from Sesame Street. Heavy bass and beats, influenced by tropical bass and jersey club, get a glossy bubblegum treatment on these four new tracks. Female vocals, chopped up, shimmery, and often ridiculous, bounce on top of deep bass and aggressive grooves. Available on itunes, spotify, bandcamp, etc. Merc has a history on the experimental side of several genres before emerging as Merc Yes. Previous projects include All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, an experimental rock band with a world wide cult following as well as Ifwhen, another experimental project with live players, samplers, heavy beats and plenty of bass. As one half of the DJ/production team MRC Riddims, he’s has been spreading an odd perspective on dance music across much of the US and EU for several years. 

1. Gorgeous 03:00 
2. A Loaf Of Bread 03:37 
3. Oatmeal On The Floor 04:06 
4. Why We Do 03:24 

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