Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gramatik - The Age Of Reason

Gramatik - The Age Of Reason 

label: Lowtemp Records
released: 25 January 2014 
style: electronic funk soul glitch dubstep hiphop beats 
format: 320kbps mp3 

The Age of Reason is a benchmark release in the career of Gramatik - the first release on his own label, Lowtemp and a true sonic evolution. It is said that a master learns the rules in order to know how to bend them. With The Age of Reason, Gramatik, shows a musical growth which defies genre and breaks the EDM status quo to achieve an extension of the sound we have come to know as Gramatik. 

01. Brave Men Feat. Eskobars 06:01 
02. Torture Feat. Eric Krasno 03:42
03. Bluestep 08:33 
04. Pardon My French 03:46 
05. We Used To Dream Feat. Exmag & Gibbz 04:11 
06. You Don’t Understand 03:53 
07. Obviously Feat. Cherub & Exmag 03:55 
08. Control Room Before You Feat. ILLUMNTR 05:58 
09. Prime Time 03:28 
10. Get A Grip Feat. Gibbz 04:14 
11. Just Jammin’ NYC Feat. Exmag 06:07 
12. Expect Us 05:09 
13. Faraway Feat. Orlando Napier 03:57 
14. No Turning Back 04:05 
15. It’s Just A Ride 05:00 

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