Saturday, May 31, 2014

Boogie Belgique - Nightwalker (Vol. 2)

Boogie Belgique - Nightwalker (Vol. 2) 

label: Dusted Wax Kingdom 
released: March 31, 2014 
style: instrumental swing hiphop electronic lofi beats 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Now I’m here to share another equally catchy artist known as Boogie Belgique. Oswald Cromheecke is his real name, and he lives and produces in Antwerp, Belgium. The album in question is Nightwalker Vol. II. (There is of course a previous volume – which is great too – but I didn’t discover it until after I heard the second one.) I find a lot of the tracks lean closer to the electro/hip-hop part of the spectrum than to the swing part. There is, however, no shortage of swing. Every track spends time with something swing. For some it’s with an old jazz voice like Ella Fitzgerald (I think) in “Hello Sinner”. Others emphasize instruments like the muted trumpets in “Monstro” or the oboe in “Red Steam”. 

01 Smile 05:03 
02 Hello Sinner 04:37 
03 Red Steam 05:25 
04 March Of Time 04:25 
05 Like It Hot 04:05 06 Gabriel 04:18 
07 A Little While 03:43 
08 Through The Night 04:00 
09 Remember 05:47 
10 A Record Falls 06:18 
11 Monstro 05:36 
12 Philotimo 04:12 
13 Lucifer (ProleteR Remix) 03:39 
14 Broken Mirror (Mononome Remix) 04:11 
15 Piccadilly (S Strong Remix) 03:57 
16 Redwood - A Place To Hide (Boogie Belgique Remix) 04:15

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