Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pretty Lights - A Color Map of the Sun (Disc 1)

Pretty Lights - A Color Map of the Sun (Disc 1) 

label: Pretty Lights Music 
released: July 2nd 2013 
style: electronic funky hiphop glitch beats breaks 
format: 320kbps mp3 

It's been nearly three years since Pretty Lights – Denver hip-hop producer and EDM-festival star Derek Vincent Smith – issued a new record, instead concentrating on his ultra-opulent­ live show. But his newest makes up for lost time: two hours of surprisingly consistent stoner jams with congruent but very different halves. Disc One plays like bubblegum DJ Shadow: penetrating psych funk with the occasional corny touch (Talib Kweli sleepwalks through "Around the Block"). Smith constructed these from vinyl pressings of live-band grooves he'd composed. 

01 Color Of My Soul  06:08
02 Press Pause  04:49
03 Let's Get Busy  03:52
04 Around The Block feat. Talib Kweli  04:13
05 Yellow Bird  05:40
06 Go Down Sunshine  05:05
07 So Bright feat. Eligh  05:57
08 Vibe Vendetta  05:24
09 Done Wrong  06:35
10 Prophet  05:56
11 One Day They'll Know  06:59
12 Always All Ways  05:32
13 My Only Hope  04:52
14 Where I'm Trying To Go (Bonus Track)  05:49
15 All I've Ever Known (Bonus Track)  03:53
16 Sweet Long Life (Bonus Track)  05:33

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