Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stilz - Love Confidential

Stilz - Love Confidential 

label: Neferiu Records 
released: 14 February 2013 
style: instrumental hiphop experimental idm soul beats 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Stilz is back with his sophomore solo album. Once again he entwines lush sample loopery with his crisp-yet-gritty beat arrangements to create a truly rich instrumental hip hop experience. Stilz continues his emphasis on the human experience, bringing an entire beat-tape worth of emotionally aware beats with titles like “So Good to Me”, “Love Shines” and “Hearing Your Voice Again”, it’s clear he’s well versed in both love from both near and afar. The hand-drawn cover illustration by Mantrakid paints the picture these beats inspire: headphones blaring as you stand in the wet downtown street, staring up at the lit apartment window of your Love Confidential.

01. Here With You 01:20 
02. Missing Soul 01:00 
03. So Good to Me 01:41 
04. If I Gave You My Love 03:07 
05. Love Shines 02:18 
06. Postcards 01:54 
07. My Way Home (Interlude) 00:46 
08. The Secret Garden 02:31 
09. She Don't Love Him 02:50 
10. Whispered Love 02:28 
11. Hearing Your Voice Again 02:04

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