Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VA - Two Syllables Volume Seven

VA - Two Syllables Volume Seven 

label: First Word Records 
released: 04 July 2012 
style:funk afrobeat breaks hiphop electronic 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Two Syllables Volume Seven was born! Oh, and we've made it free. So click here to pick up 12 tracks summing up the last few months at First Word Records. There's tracks from Homecut, Souleance, Herma Puma, Debian Blak, Lotek, Frameworks, Yosi Horikawa, Border Crossing and LeaLea Jones, as well as a couple of tracks from the Konektiv Elements compilation and a kidkanevil reflip of a Jesse Futerman track courtesy of Jus Like Music. Phew! 

01. Homecut - Bring It All Together (Social Beings Remix ft Ad-Apt) 04:20 
02. Souleance - La Belle Vie 03:40 
03. Ciara - Like A Boy (Debian Blak Bootleg Remix) 02:40 
04. Yosi Horikawa - Bubbles 05:47 
05. Jesse Futerman - A Good Man Is Gone (kidkanevil Reflip) 02:09 
06. Frameworks - Somehow ft Sabira Jade 04:35 
07. Herma Puma - Sunday (Ross PTH Remix) 04:38 
08. Ruby Rushton Experiment - Fantastic Vampire (Sa-Ra Tribute) 04:57 
09. LeaLea Jones - The Road (Dub Version - prod Jack Baker) 03:46 
10. Lotek - Rebel Hifi (Lotek Remix) 03:56 
11. Border Crossing - Just An Ode ft Fat Jon, The Ample Soul Physician 03:27 
12. Soundspecies - The Weirdness 04:05

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