Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tensei - Two EP

Tensei - Two EP 

label: Plug Research 
released: May 2012 
style: electronic jazz downtempo hiphop beats 
format: 320kbps mp3 

After the release of their EP One, Tensei, which consists of Chicago based musicians Simple X and Midas Wells, have released their second instrumental effort, Two on LA based label, Plug Research. Inspired by ‘70s soul, afro-funk, and themed soundtracks that recall espionage, Two builds from the experimental hip-hop inspired beats of One. However, Two takes the groove deeper with its jazzy inflections, ethnic rhythms, cosmic electronics, and live instrumentation making it a bit more soulful and funkier. The one vocal track, “Think Twice,” which features multi-instrumentalist Khari Lemuel of TheOnes and Jae Franklin is an ode to the infectious soul classics of yesteryear with a modernized twist while “Passport,” which was featured on the Plug Research Compilation, is a an exquisite soundbed filled with lush pleasantries. And while this is Tensei’s second formal release, it still marks the beginning for the artists so journey with them as they continue on a path that pushes the limits and boundaries of hip hop inspired beat making and production to higher elevation. 

1 Passport 4:54 
2 Plazzio's Revenge 4:06 
3 100 Ton Press 3:29 
4 Low Key 3:37 
5 Out of Bounds (Instrumental) 4:02 
6 Think Twice (Version) [feat. Khari Lemuel] 3:08 
7 Out of Bounds (feat. Neadathal) 4:02 
8 Think Twice (feat. Jae Franklin & The Ones) 3:06 
9 Think Twice (Instrumental) 3:06 

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