Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kings - Endless Fog EP

Kings - Endless Fog EP 

label: Soulection 
released: 15 May 2012 
style: future beats soul bass electronic 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

"Trap Musik 1 was an old project which I was experimenting with. At the time I was inspired by Silkie, a dubstep producer. He influenced the purple sound in my tracks. I wanted to try and make a basic Trap Musik beat and ended up adding the purple influence to it. Eventually came through and made this track. The rest of the tracks were made from experiences that occurred in my life since making Trap Musik 1. The name Endless Fog comes from a journey home in a car with my team, TRXJVN family, DTM. On our way back from Bristol all we could see was pure thick fog surrounding everything, we could barely see anything hence the name Endless Fog. It also represents the thoughts I used to have about wanting something to happen so badly but it never would, a foggy sense of hope without realistically thinking." 

1. Trap Musik 1 03:13 
2. Galaxy Wave 03:48 
3. Endless Fog 03:27 
4. Big Star Little Star 02:48 
5. Let Go of the Pain 03:17

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