Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hashbrown - The Walk On

Hashbrown - The Walk On 

released: 28 May 2012 
style: electronic instrumental jazz hiphop beats 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

As the Summer sun rinses over the town of Guildford, an unimposing shadow is cast across the morning pavement. Stand still with heavy lided eyes towards the horizon, Hashbrown is home. It is here where he spent hours absorbing and internalizing seminal works of the past and near present, frantically scouring radio frequencies in search of ’anything’, and clumsily dissecting records only to reassemble them as (what he deems) ‘paraphrased songs’. More importantly, it is here where the young producer heard an inner voice calling him to action and he responded with The Walk On. This is where Hashbrown’s story begins. Initially archived on the private label Outerbound Recordings and circulated amongst immediate family and likeminded artists, The Walk On is now being presented to listeners (close to half a decade later) in its raw and unadulterated form. Consisting of 33 snippet-like tracks, assembled by a then-16 year old Hashbrown, The Walk On documents the meek and humble beginnings of the producer’s foray into recorded material. Presented in a simple beat tape format, The Walk On is a personal ode to all sources that have fueled the young producer’s inner call to action. From specific people, places, sounds, and crystallized moments/memories, it is this sense of intimate history that resonates throughout his works. 

01. Seventy Four Go 01:22 
02. Never Gonna Say (Away) 01:43 
03. The Ride Out 01:28 
04. Creation Myth 00:46 
05. Le Bouncepass 01:28 
06. Get Lit'd 02:11 
07. The Walk On 01:19 
08. Of Guilford 00:54 
09. Kintu 00:47 
10. Drawblank 00:51 
11. Skip Lunch 00:57 
12. Combing 00:49 
13. Du Mortier 01:09 
14. BNC 01:42 
15. Solace 02:23 
16. Listen 00:55 
17. Hundredspokes 01:27 
18. Strand Hunt 01:09 
19. DSK 00:47 
20. Duane Lee 01:12 
21. Fout 01:01 
22. And On And 01:48 
23. Fathead's Toaster 01:10 
24. World Can Be 01:28
25. Only You Do 01:53 
26. Changing Times 01:24 
27. Be 00:57 
28. Makings Of 01:47 
29. Anew 01:38 
30. Outerlimits 02:01 
31. Seekers Walk 02:43 
32. Song Of Yesterday 03:15

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