Sunday, May 6, 2012

Secret Archives of the Vatican - Panjadrum

Secret Archives of the Vatican - Panjadrum 

label: Broken Drum Records 
released: 04 February 2012 
style: transglobal breakbeat dub dubstep triphop
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Secret Archives of the Vatican are Broken Drum Records‘ main act. Their music is usually described as Transglobal Breakbeat Dub Science as it contains elements of many genres: breakbeat, dub, dubstep, drumstep, triphop, drum and bass, Indian, Arabian and Turkish musics and many more. They are a small collective, based across the UK but with main recording facilities in Croydon, South London. 

1. Blue Moons 04:35 
2. Horse Warrior 04:00 
3. Dawn, Basra Spaceport 04:29 
4. Soldier of the Line 05:22 
5. The Road We Walk 03:44

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