Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jellyfish Brigade - Gills and a Helmet

Jellyfish Brigade - Gills and a Helmet

label: self-release
released: 06 July 2011
style: electronic hiphop folk rap
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

Jellyfish Brigade is a very obscure side project that combines MC Lucas Dix and Jeffery Acciaioli. Lyrically Jelly Fish Brigade is far beyond the league that they’re in right now. The songs have great content and are emotionally charged. Excellent imagery can be found in just about every verse. Due to a lot of metaphor and complex storytelling the monotony of the beats is compensated by his rapping. The flow isn’t very special and it sounds similar to a lot of white rappers but Lucas still manages to put his own flair into things.

1. Kerosene and Fireflies 03:48
2. Dance in the Dungeon 03:29
3. Chasing the Shine 04:34
4. Tremor Dancer 04:25
5. Dreams and Clean Weapons 04:18
6. Well Dwellers 05:14

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