Tuesday, November 22, 2011

B.R.O. - Proxima Centauri Remixed

B.R.O. - Proxima Centauri Remixed

label: SoFarUnknown
released: 2011
style: abstract hiphop jazz remix
format: 320kbps mp3

“Proxima Centauri remixed” is a classic remix EP. The artists we have invited to cooperate with us on this EP were chosen not only because we hold their work in high praise, but also for their diversity of styles, and their distinct approaches to production. The result is this six-track EP: the title track, Proxima Centauri, welcomes the listener into the mysterious world of B.R.O. The following four remixes have been made by Remy LBO, a multi-instrumentalist form California, who has already recorded 3 albums, Graham O’Brien, the drummer of No Bird Sing (his cooperations include Eyedea, Kristoff Krane, Carnage, Alicia Wiley), Graf Cratedigger, a rapper, producer and a radio show host in RadioRewers.pl, and Władysław Gudonis Komendarek, composer, musician and arranger, ex-member of legendary bands Exodus and Grupa Dominika/Czerwone Gitary. He has recorded over 30 albums (solo and with a band), that have been released by such labels as Polskie Nagrania or Metal Mind Prod. The EP is concluded and completed by the newest creation of our duo, Alpha Centauri, featuring Emilia Osik.

01 Proxima Centauri 04:44
02 Proxima Centauri (Remy LBO remix) 03:04
03 Proxima Centauri (Graham O'Brien remix) 03:33
04 Proxima Centauri (Graf Cratedigger remix) 03:06
05 Proxima Centauri (Wladyslaw Komendarek remix) 06:05
06 Alpha Centauri (bonus track) 04:50

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