Monday, August 8, 2011

Stroon/Stratasoul - Molotov Heart Cocktail / Lowitzer EP

Stroon/Stratasoul - Molotov Heart Cocktail / Lowitzer EP

label: Exitab
released: 15 July 2011
style: wonky abstract glitchhop electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

Molotov Heart Cocktail / Lowitzer Ep is a militant sonic manifesto of Bratislava’s upcoming synth-fi gang, whose main protagonists are the DJs and producers Stratasoul and Stroon. Inspirations ranging from house and soul to wonky, glitchhop and bass define their production: multidimensional sonic assemblages revolving around the topic of love.
Stroon’s Molotov Heart Cocktail is an euphoric but distorted memory of a club where everybody has their hands up. Reality, twisted by various substances, is penetrated by a steady beat, accompanied by Stroon’s trademark distorted walls of synth. Stratasoul’s romantic gangsta glitchhop overlaid by dancehall snares climaxes in an epic refrain with vortexes of pitch-shifted vocals that decompose in cascades of echoes. Mutual remixes confirm the complexity of the preached sound - Stroon and Stratasoul’s method of choice here is cut-up, nevertheless as it is the case with love - the intricate ones fascinate us more.

1. Stroon - Molotov Heart Cocktail 04:36
2. Stratasoul - Lowitzer (Stroon's Remix) 04:16
3. Stroon - Molotov Heart Cocktail (Stratasoul Remix) 03:21
4. Stratasoul - Lowitzer 03:02

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