Thursday, August 4, 2011

Manudub - Elephant Room Sessions

Manudub - Elephant Room Sessions

label: LibreCommeLair
released: july 2011
style: dub electronic beats
format: 320kbps mp3

Manudub would define this LP as a travel diary with a " Lo-fi higrade computer Dub 2.0 " soundtrack : homestudio dub inspired by jamaican & punk philosophy of DIY, blended with inspirations and energy stored during my excursions in Asia. This is also the result of years sharing with a lot of other "dub activists" from around the web, the track with Leah is a good example of this process. I call this different communities & networks of dubbers "Dub 2.0"...

1. Ascetic Club
2. Osaka Dub Mission
3. Huay Kwang Dub
4. Underground Dub Iration
5 . Dub Day
6. You never know Dub
7. Chao Praya Dub
8. Dub for a girl
9. 21st Century Dub Cloud
10. Irie Dub feat. Leah
11. Massalia Dub Selecta

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