Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Elkhor – Quidam of Khentamenti

Elkhor – Quidam of Khentamenti

label: Electrobel
released: 15 May 2011
style: electronic idm abstract hiphop jazz metal breakcore
format: 320kbps mp3

Musical melting pot, Elkhor offers us his first album Quidam of Khentamenti on Netlabel Electrobel. Quidam of Khentamenti is a mixture of musical styles, from the IDM Abstract Hip Hop via Breakcore or Jazz and Metal.
Elkhor not deny his classics and willingly allows influenced by artists such as Tchaikovsky, Flashbulb, Aka moon or Digitonal. That is why Quidam of Khentamenti is not a simple album electro Elkhor has sublimated his influences by including instruments like the violin or accordion. Sometimes the air piano or synths viciously pummeled rising crescendo, all embraced by a powerful rhythm.

01 Aka (Horace von Daina mix)
02 Vascogeni senohm
03 Vlaquevski (Horace von Daina mix)
04 Suns consequence
05 Epyleptikation
06 Artificial
07 Quidam of Khentamenti
08 This is War
09 Bomb klash (Krakhor mix)

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