Wednesday, April 10, 2013

D.V.S* - Hit The Clouds Running

D.V.S* - Hit The Clouds Running 

label: Gravitas Recordings 
released: 02 April 2013 
style: glitch guitar pop dubstep bass electronic 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Seldom does a release come about with such an ability to pervade your dreams with it's beauteous progressions, but "Hit The Clouds Running" proves this to be true after just the first listen. The second full length album on Gravitas Recordings from Brooklyn based D.V.S* is actualized as a 10 track escapade through fertile grassy fields, arousing feelings of passion through guitar-driven harmony. The album manages to strike some ideal balance between downtempo and grooving, allowing the audience to choose the semblance they associate with it -- some may find serenity in the radiance of 'Blame Me', while others could prefer the stimulating power of 'Trapsody' or 'Roll The Dice'. "Hit The Clouds Running" features an all-star cast of collaborations from across the country. The captivating 'Sleepwalker' spotlights the vocal talents of Cherub combined with Govinda's tender violin work, while Chantel exhibits an expert choral offering on 'Roll The Dice'. Closing the album, D.V.S* teams up with Psymbionic on 'Vault of Stars' for a heavy dose of bass with the deeper, melodic dubstep track. 

01. Sleepwalker (feat. Cherub & Govinda) 03:50 
02. Roll the Dice (feat Chantel) 04:07 
03. Peppermint Sky 03:50 
04. Root Glen 03:36 
05. Heartmaps 04:53 
06. Flash FWD 05:05 
07. Blame Me 05:02 
08. The Emblem (feat. Supersillyus) 05:03 
09. Trapsody in Blue 04:20 
10. Vault of Stars (feat. Psymbionic) 05:20 

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