Thursday, July 9, 2015

Persian Empire - DONC

Persian Empire - DONC 

label: Cosmonostro 
released: 25 May 2015 
style: 2step jazz soul bass electronic 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Sam Khatam better known as Persian Empire is a young upcoming producer from Germany. Music was always a big influence in Sam's life, therefore it's hard to date the beginning of Persian Empire. After traditional music lessons in his youth, Sam discovered the great variety of the electronic music scene, which he became acquainted with. In 2011 he started to produce his own compositions, by using selfmade sounds along with edited samples. The self-taught artist deconstructs the traditional structure of music and transforms his samples into a detailed electronic sound. Smooth synthesizers, deep bass beats and experimental vocals create harmonic compositions, which extend the diversity of the "bass" and "2-step" genre. When he isn't producing his own music, Sam is collaborating with selected artists from around the world and gets featured in numerous blogs and mixes. In a short period of time he found his own way of expression to meet with good response within the community. 

1. DONC 02:35 
2. Echo's Tribute 02:20 
3. Blame (Her) 02:16 
4. You Are What You Feel 04:00

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