Monday, June 22, 2015

Wolf-e-Wolf - Purple Planet

Wolf-e-Wolf - Purple Planet 

label: Gravitas Recordings 
released: 10 February 2015 
style: electronic dubstep glitch trap funk bass breaks 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

A perfect soundtrack for any trip into outer space, Wolf-e-Wolf's "Purple Planet" comes correct as his first full length album for Gravitas Recordings. Influences from deep dubstep and modern trap come together to create a fusion simultaneously digestible yet original. Swirling arpeggiation and cosmic synthesis populate this distant world, with 9 tracks that bob between vibes and tempos painlessly. Intermixing tribal styles and psychedelic bass, Of The Trees brings a bit of glitch hop flavor to Star Sniper. Northern California's Shlump takes the title track and slows it way down, morphing it into a pulsing, swampy closer for the release. 

1. Purple Planet 04:15 
2. Marble Palace 03:28 
3. Star Sniper 03:31 
4. Savage Land 04:12 
5. 2020 04:54 
6. Frost Byte 03:51 
7. Crystal Cave 04:56 
8. Star Sniper (Of The Trees Remix) 02:53 
9. Purple Planet (Shlump Remix) 03:25

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